Securing the Microsoft Suite

Enhance your Microsoft Suite security with our portfolio of solutions designed to add an extra layer of protection.

Fortify your Microsoft defences

Although products within the Microsoft suite are widely adopted and highly reputable, this does not make them immune. Microsoft’s built in security is not comprehensive or robust enough to cover the sophistication of attacks we see these days. Organisations are encouraged to add on additional services that work within their existing Microsoft environments to ensure more effective security.

Whether it’s across the board, or for specific applications, deploying additional solutions ensures that all corners of your environment are being defended.

Our Microsoft Attach Vendors

Better security for Microsoft Suite

Integrate seamlessly with these solutions to add an extra layer of security.

Microsoft Email
Cyber Asset Attack
Surface Management 
SaaS Security Posture
Management For M365
Microsoft Priveleged
Access Management
Microsoft Ratified Network
Detection & Response
Azure Application And
Database Security
ingle Sign-On
Agentless Security
For Microsoft Azure
IGA Identity For Microsoft
Azure Active Directory
Crowdsourced Azure
Security Testing

To find out how the technologies on our portfolio help to better protect you or your customer's Microsoft environment, download our matrix.