Cyber Insurance

We have brought together the best cybersecurity solutions in the market to meet requirements and keep customers premiums down.

Cyber Insurance premiums continue to rise

Cyber Insurance premiums and demand are on the rise with the market tripling in volume over the last five years. Heightened ransomware activity and the increased number of cyber attacks have led to premiums escalating and companies even being re-underwritten to restore insurers profitability.

But the actual costs of cybercrime reach further than just the damage, destruction and theft of data and intellectual property. It culminates in the lost productivity, reputational damage, plus any costs to restore the hacked assets.

Our Cyber Insurance Vendors

Simplifying Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a critical component of a comprehensive risk management strategy, offering financial protection, incentivising cybersecurity measures, and helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats and regulations.

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